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The most advanced state-of-the-art data science solutions from arb digital.


They say machines will never do creative work.
Introducing world's 1st Artificial Intelligence naming service Though some of these free-of-charge and unique names might look fuzzy some might be working well. And guess what? Robots don't complain on next try. Embrace the AI world.

Machine learning is now used in marketing, logistics, customer support, media and much more.

We utilize all kinds of machine learning techniques to analyze, predict, classify and generate the data.

We integrate custom artificial intelligence solutions to create your smart workflows.


Our prices are more then competitive.

What we can offer

Smart Conversational Systems

Chatbots integrate to Facebook, Telegram, even in a widget on a website, dedicated to wide range of purposes: customer support, e-commerce with ordering, informational systems, delivery and much more. We use natural language processing techniques on top of neural networks to provide native user experience.

Data Driven Decisions

Sport results? Customer interest to a product or offer? Credit score? Recommendation engine? Every data can be predicted if there’s enough information to analyze. Tell us about your business and we’ll come up with a custom solution that will empower your sales, user engagement or even security operations.

Complex solutions

Smart City, augmented reality and computer vision for human identification, neural networks for generating music and artwork, natural language processing for text analysis and generation — those are just a few segments we work in. The power of machine learning allows to execute thing were never possible before.


Typically making a project with us will cost from $5000.

But that heavily depends on many factors including project complexity, platform, AI sophistication, deadline et cetera.


Our services are practically 4 times cheaper than US studios.


We don’t follow the hype. We create what we truly believe will bring value and be useful. We ask questions.

Building artificial intelligence systems is a complex uneasy task. We recommend AI solutions only if it’s effective and can really improve the results. In some cases good old "if/then" algorithms are more than enough to fulfil a goal.

Do you really need a neural network powered chatbot for your customers or a website is enough? Does your project require a machine learning models to predict events or simple statistics can work as well?

We start to execute a project only when we’re absolutely sure the "AI way" is the best and all of your expectations are clear and possible to achieve.


Please get in touch via any channel you prefer to discuss projects.

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